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Free substitute teacher webinar resources for July

Simplek12 is an excellent resource for substitute teachers who are looking to improve their teaching skills. Not only is it a place to connect with other educators and share ideas, but Simplek12 also hosts daily web conferences, or webinars, led by notable educators. Best of all, these webinars are completely free to attend. Here are five webinars in July that will help you to become a better substitute teacher:
  1. The Lowdown on Bullying: Understand and Identify Bullying Bullying is a serious concern in schools, and it is something you must be vigilant about. A minor incident in the classroom may be evidence of an underlying problem, or it could escalate into a serious issue for the students involved. This webinar will dispel some of the myths of bullying and help teachers understand and identify common forms of bullying.
  2. Amazing Organizational and Timesaving Apps for the Connected Teacher Substitute teachers need to be extra organized since they are often working with multiple schools in different districts. Fortunately, technology allows us to manage responsibilities in an easy way. We’ve mentioned job alerts for finding substitute jobs, but this webinar will help you take advantage of technology for all those other responsibilities.
  3. Build a Class Website and Create a Class Identity Just because you don’t have a classroom of your own, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this webinar. As a substitute teacher, you know the importance of always have materials available and ready to go in the event of a short-notice job opportunity. By creating a professional teaching website, you can keep all of that content centrally located for easy access by students.
  4. 20 MORE Free iPad Apps Educators Can't Live Without! If you own an iPad, this webinar will introduce you to how it can be an invaluable teaching tool. Having educational apps ready to go can be just another important tool in your teaching “toolbox.” Plus, teaching with technology promises a more engaging and interesting lesson.
  5. Showcase Your Job Skills: Create an Online Resume We posted earlier about the importance of an online resume and this webinar will help get you started on building your online identity. This webinar will focus on using three simple tools to share your professional strengths in an online and interactive way.
Simplek12 hosts dozens of webinars each month. If these five don’t look appealing, browse through the entire list. For more information on free substitute teacher resources or ways to improve as a substitute teacher, contact us!
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