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Free substitute webinar resources for February 2015

All teachers know the importance of constantly improving their craft. If your New Year’s resolution was to increase your involvement in professional development opportunities for substitute teachers, we can help. Often, PD is costly and requires time that could otherwise be spent on a substitute teaching assignment. Fortunately, free webinars from Simple K12 take care of both of these problems while still providing relevant and engaging learning experiences for teachers. Here are five free webinars provided in February that will help you be a better substitute teacher.

Using Digital Resources to Build Better Critical Thinkers

Thanks to the Common Core Learning Standards, critical thinking is now a universal skill that students need to master regardless of grade level or content area. Prepare yourself to guide students in the development of critical thinking with this webinar. It is sponsored by Britannica Digital Learning and focus on practical activities and digital resources that can be used when preparing lessons and activities that require students to think critically about the content.

Chromebooks and Chrome Apps in the Classroom: Best Practices for Effective Integration

Chromebooks are economical laptops that leverage web-based computing and the Google Apps for Education suite of products. Since their release in 2011, they have gained significant traction in schools. As a substitute teacher, if you have not already encountered these devices, you will soon. This webinar will explain how Chromebooks can be used in a classroom and will provide tips for how they can be managed by the teacher for maximum impact on student learning.

Google Classroom: An Intro to Saving Time, Staying Organized, and Improving Communication

Online classroom platforms such as MoodleEdmodo, and Schoology have become increasingly popular in recent years as they break through the limitations of the physical classroom walls and makes learning an accessible, 24-hour activity. Google Classroom is the newest of these platforms, and many teachers have jumped on as early adopters. This webinar will provide background for Google Classroom and keep you on the cutting edge of instructional technology!

Multimedia Presentation Web Tools for Classroom Use

As a substitute teacher, you never know when you will need to step in and take the reins for another teacher. This webinar will help you further develop your teacher toolkit with web tools that are excellent for lesson planning and preparing activities, lectures, and guided notes through the use of engaging multimedia presentations.

The Importance of Being Happy: How Being Happy Leads to More Effective Teaching and Learning

This webinar focuses on the climate in your classroom and how it can affect student learning. Based on current psychology research, presenter Susan Brooks-Young will provide tips and advice for creating a positive and supportive classroom environment.

There is always room from growth when you are an educator. These webinars will help you start 2015 on the right foot! For more information on how you can be a better substitute teacher or for information on professional development opportunities check out our blog.


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