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Free substitute webinar resources for July 2014

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Last summer, we published a series of posts outlining webinars ideal for substitute teachers interested in free professional development to prepare them for the upcoming school year. The posts proved so helpful that we've decided to do it again! Below are five webinars available in July from SimpleK12, an online teacher learning community.

10 Google Search Tips to Help you Find the Info You Need

As a substitute teacher, you will find yourself in a variety of classrooms. It's impossible to be an expert in all subject areas, but with the help of Google and this webinar, you will learn how to find information quicker and easier. This will benefit you when preparing lessons as well as for that teachable moment in the middle of a lesson!


Classroom Management: Quick and Simple Fixes

When you walk into a substitute assignment, chances are there are already established rules and procedures in place. (But that doesn't necessarily mean the students will be quick to follow them!) This webinar shares effective strategies that utilize non-verbal cues, narration tips, and routines that will allow you to focus more on instruction and less on classroom behavior problems.


Creating Review Games with Free Web Tools

The great thing about this webinar is that it is applicable regardless of the content area and grade level you are teaching. Using web-based games to review content is a great way to integrate instructional technology into the classroom and it also serves as a highly engaging activity for students. Engaged students learn more and behave better!


How to Get the Most From the Teacher Learning Community

This casual webinar is designed for teachers who are interested in taking advantage of the resources available for SimpleK12 subscription members. If you have participated in the free webinars and are interested in learning more about what the website has to offer, this webinar is for you!


Using Rigor and Relevance with Teens to Build Skills, Fight Apathy and More!

Good teachers teach two things - content and habits of mind. This webinar focuses on the latter. This webinar is ideal for any substitute teacher who has ever been faced with students comments such as "Why are we doing this?" and "This is so boring!"


SimpleK12 offers dozens of webinars each month. If the above five don't meet your needs, feel free to explore the site on your own. You can also contact us for additional professional development resources to help you become a better substitute teacher!

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