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Free Teacher Resources: Lesson Plan Libraries for Math, Social Studies, Science and Reading

Bryant Park
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When it comes to free teacher resources, substitute teachers should really be more on the ball than permanent teachers. After all, subs don't have the benefit of access to all the resources available to those with a tenured gig. Check out the vast wealth of tools available for use by substitute teachers out there that are all completely free. 

  • University of Arizona Math Teaching Software Archive
From Venn diagrams to implicit functions to Bayes' Theorem, the University of Arizona's archive of utterly free software is at your disposal for the purpose of teaching math. Of course, you are advised against installing any of these software programs on a school computer without prior authorization from the Principal, but you can still learn tricks for teaching complex higher mathematics as well as print out worksheets, study reviews and quizzes from your home computer.
  • Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago
Some first time substitute teachers may be shocked to learn the extent to which Social Studies has gone missing in action from the American educational system. If you get the chance to sub in a Social Studies class, consider it a rare opportunity, indeed. And put the entirely free library of lesson plans for every grade from kindergarten through twelfth offered courteously by the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago to the fullest use possible. Topics range from teaching the very youngest students about America's most iconic symbols to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address to cyberbullying.
  • Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental sciences is likely to become one of the leading growth industries when the students in school today enter the workforce. Environmental awareness is at an all-time high and many schools already offer classes devoted to issues that include recycling, sustainable living, air quality and climate change. offers a library of free teaching resources to help the substitute prepare students today for what should prove to be a very lucrative career path down the road.
  • Reading is Fundamental is definitely the place to go for substitutes caught up short with lesson plan to turn to. This website contains an immensely creative library of activities to spark your imagination as a teacher and capture the attention of students with lesson plans for elementary school children that incorporates the message of reading being fundamental into the science, history and even music classroom.
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