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Three Ideas to Help Substitute Teachers Get Back into the Groove

Back To SchoolIn August, it hits: as the end of summer draws night, educators everywhere work to get themselves geared up for another school year. They clean their classrooms, stock up on supplies, prepare to implement fresh ideas gleaned since the last year, and begin working on lesson plans.

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of preparing for a new year, though, a psychological one. After weeks and weeks of sun, fun, and lax schedules, some educators struggle to get their minds back into the teaching groove. That is why we have put together this list of ideas to help substitute teachers -- and all teachers, really -- get themselves mentally prepped for the upcoming year.

Three Ideas to Help Substitute Teachers Get Back into the Groove:

  1. Consider the importance of rest. "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Thus said Benjamin Franklin, as we all know. One of the most difficult challenges that many teachers face when adjusting from summer to fall is putting themselves back on the proper sleeping schedule. Perhaps teachers should consider not putting this adjustment off: instead, they can begin a week or more ahead of time, getting up early and going to bed earlier so that the first week back on a teaching schedule does not come as such as shock. 
  2. Plan to eat well. Often the first week back at school is so rushed that we do not take the time to maintain healthy eating choices. Hectic mornings leading to skipped breakfasts, harried schedules resulting in light lunches, and late afternoons spent at work after school--these factors can combine to leave people not only fatigued during the day but also more likely to gorge on a quick, unhealthy meal late at night. Planning good breakfasts and lunches ahead of time and sticking to a healthy eating schedule will go a long way toward helping to start your year off well.
  3. Take time to be social. Everyone struggles to strike a balance between work and play, but since teachers basically work overtime for nine months of the year and take three months off, their lives can often feel quite lopsided. Ensuring that time is scheduled in for rest and relaxation will help to restore some equilibrium. 

As teachers around the country look to head back to the classrooms soon, it is our hope that by implementing these principles, they will be able to slip quickly into smooth teaching groove.

For more tips on starting the year off right, please feel free to contact us


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