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Get Ready for Substitute Teaching this Fall and Pack Your Bag with 8 Essentials

bookbag © by BonnieJames

The start of another school year is just around the corner and you plan on substitute teaching.  Pack a bag with some tools that you take with you every day and you will be prepared for every situation.  Find a bag, and start filling it with these important items that may just may save the day:

  1. A few books for different ages to read out loud.  All children (even teenagers) enjoy being read to when you have extra time.
  2. File folder of ideas.  Research some games and time fillers that you can use when needed.
  3. Personal needs.  Some pain reliever, change for the vending machine, a couple of granola bars, or anything else you think you may need to get through a tough day!
  4. Positive reinforcements.  When a class is getting away from you, reward a few good listeners with a sticker or a sucker and watch the rest of them fall into line.
  5. A whistle.  If you're on recess duty there's no better way to get their attention.
  6. Some school supplies.  You or a student may need a pencil, pen, or colored pencils and sometimes it's easier to just provide it yourself than have the momentum of the lesson disrupted while the student rummages and asks neighbors for help.
  7. Copies of age-appropriate puzzles.  Have several levels of Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, or coloring pages copied and ready to use when students finish work early or you get through the sub plans too quickly.
  8. Your day planner.  Have your schedule available in case the classroom teacher asks you to sub another day in the future.
Fill your bag with these items and you will start the school year prepared for just about anything.  If you're ready to start accepting jobs, contact us and we will help you find open positions in your local districts.
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