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Great Substitute Teaching Resources and Blogs

Substitute teachers are amazing. They enter the classroom, sometimes at a moments notice, prepared to take on the role of someone kids see every day. Sometimes they come as a welcomed surprise, and sometimes they are perceived as enemy number one. They never know what to expect unless you have been in that classroom before, and no one understands what it is like more than other substitute teachers. In addition to our blog, here are four great substitute teaching resources and blogs for subs to check out. Substitutes can unite as they read other’s stories and what they have done in similar situations as well as for getting additional materials for those back up plans.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Follow Mrs. T through her blog and other social media sites as she gives tips, giveaways, and shares her experiences teaching. She subbed for seven years before taking a teaching job early in 2014, but she continues to share her adventures in the classroom. She is very creative and has a lot of resources advertised and suggested for elementary education teachers and substitutes. She even has her own store that links to her Teachers Pay Teachers page. If you are looking for some ways to spice up the classroom, she is definitely one to check out.

Just a Substitute Teacher… The Blog adventures of a Substitute Teacher…

Share the experiences of a ten-year subbing veteran as he takes you into his daily life as a substitute teacher. You will feel like someone understands as you read through trials, tribulations, successes, and great ideas. The site is set up so that you can quickly see the topics available running on the right side of the blog, so if you are short on time and want to find what you are looking for in a hurry, check there.

Teaching Blog Addict

The hub of all substitute blogs. If you are looking for a blog about teaching or subbing, this is definitely a place to check out. This particular entry is all about substitute teaching blogs and you can check them out by recommendation or by grade level. Not only will you find blogs that give their experiences, but they have also linked you with a great amount of resources to keep your sub idea bag full. Blog

Stedi is an organization that provides substitute training, so their blog is one you want to check out. It hits all different age groups and gives you tips and examples that you can take in the classroom tomorrow. The categories displayed can take you where you want to go and you will find that the site isn’t just for substitutes, but also a hub for administrators and teachers. The Bus Stop Blog is a choice that will get you the real life examples, while the “Subinars” and “SubGuides” are also there full of information.


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