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How to Be a Great Substitute Teacher with Three Helpful Tips

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Being a substitute teacher can be a highly rewarding career due to the chance that you receive to connect with children and build experience in the event that you ever want to become a full-time teacher. While it can certainly be a great career, being a substitute teacher can come with its own handful of frustrations. By utilizing some helpful tips on how to be a great substitute teacher, you can enter any classroom with the confidence that you need to ensure that the class goes smoothly. 

  1. Professional and Reliable: Arriving ahead of time can be one of the best things that you can do to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare for the class and to look over the instructions that the teacher has left for you. Dressing professionally can also help you leave a good impression on both the students and the faculty of the school.
  2. Sticking to the Lesson Plan: It's likely you may not always agree with the lessons or the techniques the teachers you're substituting for use, but it's still important to stick with their plan. If you haven't been left any prepared plans, try to utilize what information is available to you so that the students can get the most out of the day.
  3. Leave a Note: A great way to leave a good impression is by writing a detailed note with all the events of the day and what was accomplished during the class. The teacher will appreciate being briefed on what they missed and this can also be the time to bring up any problems that you may have had or questions that some of the students asked.
Substitute teachers are a valuable part of any school district and while there are many styles that teachers enjoy for interacting with their students, these helpful tips can increase your chance at receiving additional job offers and help you build experience for the future. Contact us to share any of your own tips that you've discovered or for further assistance with becoming the best substitute teacher possible.
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