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All Booked Up: Five simple tips for getting more sub jobs

Substitute teaching is more than showing up and collecting a pay check. If you want to be the sub that everyone calls back, then you'll need to stand out. Check out our tips for how to line up more sub jobs:

  1. Dress the part. Make sure you check and see what classes you will be teaching ahead of time so that you can plan your outfit accordingly. You shouldn't be wearing a skirt and heels if you're teaching gym class. Likewise, if you're going to be in a classroom, dress professionally. The administrators and other teachers will notice. If you're going to be in a kindergarten classroom, make sure your clothes are comfortable enough so you can get on the floor.
  2. Show up early. You want to have plenty of time to locate the classroom and lesson plans and to write on the board. At the minimum, write your name and the date where the students can see it because they will forget. Then go stand in the doorway as students enter the room so other teachers can see your face.
  3. Introduce yourself. At the minimum, make sure you meet the other teachers on the hall. When they see that you are friendly and take initiative, they will want you to substitute for them when they are absent.
  4. Leave a note. Teachers like to know how things went while they were gone. If a class or student was particularly well-behaved, let the teacher know. At the same time, make them aware of any issues you experienced. It can be stressful for a teacher to return to the classroom and have no idea of what happened while he or she was gone.
  5. Leave a treat. Of course this is optional, but if you really want to be called back for a job, you've got to stand out from the other substitutes. A little note that says "It was a real treat covering your class today" with a mini candy bar will really make the teacher's day and make her more like to request you again. If you're really wanting to make a great impression, you can even have business cards printed with your information. Leave them on the teacher's desk and in the teachers' workroom.

Use these tips to be requested for more jobs and with SubAssistant job alerts, you'll be alerted as soon as jobs become available in your area. Contact us for more information.

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