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How to make the most of summer vacation if you are a substitute teacher

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The final exams are graded, students have left the building, and teachers are locking their classroom doors, not to be unlocked until fall. Unfortunately for substitute teachers, this means there will be no employment over the summer months. Instead of waiting idly, make the most of summer vacation. Here's how.

Summer School 

Many schools and regional education systems offer summer school for students who were unsuccessful during the school year. These programs hire on an annual basis, and because they fluctuate based on the needs of the students, there are often new positions needing to be filled. These positions, while temporary, provide sustained income during the summer and help build your body of professional experience. If you are not chosen to teach in a summer school program, you can still substitute teach there!

Professional Development

Taking a break from substitute teaching should not mean taking a break from the profession that you love. Throughout the summer, there are a variety of conferences and workshops that you can attend that will better prepare you for the upcoming school year. As a substitute teacher, you need to be ready to step in to whatever situation that may arise. Attending workshops targeting instructional strategies or shifts in pedagogy will keep your teaching practices relevant.

Online Webinars

If you are unable to find professional development for substitute teachers in your area, you can also explore free online webinars. These are great opportunities for a substitute teacher because you are not limited to workshops in your geographic area. This means you will be able to find something that addresses your specific needs. There are a variety of organizations and websites that offer free webinars for teachers.

Job interviews

Most substitute teachers hope their work subbing will lead to full-time employment as a classroom teacher. Summer is the time when schools are filling vacancies and creating new positions. If you have been serving as a substitute teacher in a school with a vacancy, you have an advantage because the administrator is already aware of your talents as an educator. Unfortunately, there is protocol to be followed; they cannot simply offer you the job. Spend your summer updating your resume and application materials so you can formally apply for a full-time position. Even if you are not chosen, your interest in joining the school will reinforce your commitment and will guarantee continued substitute teaching jobs when school begins again in the fall.

Everyone deserves a break. The best thing about the above options is that they will allow you to further your profession without monopolizing your hard-earned summer break. For more advice on substitute teaching, contact us. We're ready to help you make the most of your profession.

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