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Incorporating Movement & Games in 4th of July Lesson Plans

Fireworks in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument
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Recent discoveries by researchers show that pairing physical activities with cognitive learning helps to increase brain activity and strengthen memory. Pairing movement with games will provide a fun lesson for your kids to help them learn essential facts about the 4th of July.

These particular ideas can be applied in one classroom session or over many different days. The objective is the same for all kids:  learn basic facts about Independence Day.

If the weather cooperates consider taking kids outside to teach this lesson, as being outside for most kids provides a great change of scenery which will help wake up their brains. It will also lend more space to move around.

Red, White & Blue Balloon Pop

Print or write out on small bits of paper the facts about the 4th of July to be learned. If you need some ideas, click here for a list of fun facts. Next, stuff the red, white and blue balloons with the bits of paper and blow up the balloons. Place them around the classroom our outdoor area. Ask each child to find a balloon and one by one, ask them to pop the balloons. Ask them to read the info on the paper to the class.  Then instruct them to do a movement of their choosing, such as hop three times, jumping jacks or jog in place and ask the other kids to follow along. Repeat until all of the balloons have been popped.

Patriotic Trivia Competition

Divide the class into 4 equal teams. Prepare a sheet of 4th of July facts and next to each fact, list a physical activity, such as “jump,” “hop on one foot,” “raise your arms in the air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care” or whatever movement you want them to perform. Have each team study the fact/movement sheet. Next, read off the facts and the first team to get all members to do the physical activity associated with the fact wins the round. Try to honor the process of thinking over getting the questions right.

Uncle Sam Scavenger Hunt

Using the same fact sheet, list items that need to be found in the scavenger hunt next to the facts on the sheet. Give each child a fact sheet and whenever someone finds an item, ask them to run to a home base, yell out the fact associated with that item, and then go to find more items. The movement in this lesson is in all the running around from place to place to find the hidden items.

Creating different ways of learning for kids with inventive 4th of July lesson plans will help ideas to stick in their developing brains, so give these ideas a try and contact us to let us know – how did they work for you?

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