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Leaving a Daily Report: How to Communicate with Classroom Teachers

At the end of every subbing job, you should leave a daily report for the teacher with a detailed explanation of your day.  These reports help the teacher understand how your day went and how the students performed in terms of behavior and productivity. 

Wondering what types of things you should include in your note? Here are some tips for subs for communicating with the classroom teacher.

1. Leave a detailed list of student behavior. Did the class have a great day? Explain what made the day so wonderful.  Were there a few students who were a little off task? Explain any behaviors you noted and any steps you took to redirect them.

If a more serious behavior issue comes up during the day, make sure to include a detailed description of the incident and how you handled it. This will make it easier for the teacher to handle any parent concerns.

2. Leave plenty of praise! Let the teacher know which kids were helpful, polite, or working hard. This allows the teacher to use their own system for positive reinforcement to reward these students.

3. Note any school safety information. Was there a fire or emergency drill? Leave information about the type of drill, how long it lasted, and how the students reacted to the drill.

4. Attach parent communication. If you received any correspondence from parents, be sure to attach them to your note so that the teacher can address them as soon as possible. If a parent note seems urgent, check in with the office to see how they’d like to handle it.

5. Provide your contact information. Leave your e-mail address and phone number and invite the teacher to reach out to you with any questions. They may need to contact you about events that occurred throughout the day, and they will really appreciate such open communication from you.

BONUS: Leaving your contact information makes it easier for the teacher to request you for future assignments or recommend you to their colleagues!

What type of information do you leave for classroom teachers after your assignments? Comment and share your great ideas!



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