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Lesson Plans for Substitutes: 3 Tips for Working with the Classroom Teacher

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Busy classroom teachers need dependable, skilled substitutes that are ready to teach at the drop of a hat. Teachers, working together, can create a cohesive educational experience for their students. Lesson plans for substitutes should complement the regular teacher's work but you should feel confident about showcasing your own teaching style, too. If you want to achieve the ideal balance, implement these three tips into your lesson prep.

Request a substitute teacher folder or packet from the teacher. This isn't always possible but you should ask. Inside the packet will be valuable information about regular classroom systems including: bathroom procedures, seating assigments, class and lunch schedules. For the best results, don't change the core schedules or procedures. Keep the packet handy throughout your lesson preparation, in case you need to consult the schedule or any other material.

Adhere to the teacher's recommended lesson plan, if she/he has one available. If the teacher goes to the trouble of creating a plan for you, you should work with the classroom teacher by sticking to that plan. Get a picture of what lessons need to be taught and at what times. Then, you can show some creativity with teaching style.

Bring a rolling backpack or suitcase full of extra activities. The classroom teacher may not have planned the absence so you'll need to be ready for anything. In some cases, you may not have a lesson plan either. Plan a lesson that you are passionate about, that's appropriate for the age group and the learning level.

Enjoy your time teaching! Start each experience by sharing with students a brief bio and greet each one by name. Be friendly and attentive. A positive attitude will impress the students and the regular classroom teacher.

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