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Look for the Funny Side of Substitute Teaching

Everyone knows that substitute teaching is a challenging job on the best of days.  The best teachers learn to not take things too seriously.  Sometimes after a particularly bad day, it can be encouraging to hear how other teachers handled their situations.

One teacher arrived for her first day of subbing with a smile on her face.  One student who arrived early asked her if it was her first day.  "Yes," she replied.  "How did you know?"  The student answered, "You're too happy."

A third grade class was having difficulty listening, so the substitute teacher told them when they went in the hall she would escort anyone having a hard time behaving by holding his or her hand.  Sure enough, one student pushed too far, and she grabbed onto the cuff of his sweatshirt. After a few minutes the teacher realized she was ahead of the class and the only thing she was holding onto was a sweatshirt.  The boy had wriggled out of it a ways back.

An elementary sub took a group of students on a nature walk.  They talked about how trees that stay green year-round are called evergreens.  He then asked "What is a tree that loses its leaves called?" He gave them a hint that it started with the letter D.  One child answered, "Dead!"

A middle school biology student had recently learned about different medical conditions.  When he walked in and saw a substitute teacher, he decided to see if he could convince the teacher he had Tourette's Syndrome.  Every so often he would flap his arms and yell unintelligible words.  Once the truth came out, the child apologized, and the teacher suggested he try out for a part in the school play.

Sometimes substitute teaching can be very trying.  You may even feel like quitting sometimes.  While you have to remain in control at all times, sometimes it is okay to lighten up and laugh.  Then when you feel ready to take on another class, contact us to see how to get more assignments from SubFinder, SmartFindExpress or Aesop.

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