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SubAssistant's New Substitute Teacher Tips & Tricks Roundup!

new school year

The 2014-2015 school year is upon us and many of you are getting into substitute teaching for the first time. We've posted a lot tips and guidance for new substitute teachers over the past couple years, so we're rounding up the most popular "new sub" posts here. If you're a new sub, take a minute to check out the posts below to help make those first few days in the classroom just a little less stressful. If you're not a sub but know someone who is, take a moment to share this list with him/her! 

Welcome aboard! Advice for a new substitute teacher

If you are a new substitute teacher, welcome to an exciting and rewarding profession! A new school year is beginning soon and the thought of having to enter an unfamiliar school for the first time may cause some unnecessary anxiety. Here are some tips that will make walking through the doors of a new school a little easier.

Have a Successful and Peaceful Day Substituting Teaching

Substitute teaching is a rewarding and tough job. You are thrown into a new environment with total strangers and expected to lead them through a successful day. Inside are some simple guidelines that can help you maintain a peaceful, and ultimately fun environment.

Classroom Management, Sticky Note Style

As a substitute teacher you need a plan. You demand respect. Right? How do you quickly gain this respect and still have a great day substituting? 

Three Ideas for Emergency Lesson Plans For Substitute Teachers

Most of the classrooms you substitute in will come equipped with a lesson plan for the day. However, sometimes you arrive at a classroom and the teacher's absence was not only completely unexpected, but it was completely unplanned for as well. This can spell out trouble for the substitute who isn't prepared. That's when it helps to have emergency lesson plans for substitutes at your disposal.

Classroom Management Tips and Tricks for Substitute Teachers

It's 10am. There are at least three different conversations openly taking place, one kid is sitting on top of his desk, another keeps asking to go to the bathroom, each time taking two others who didn't ask, and you're pretty sure that a spitball just hit the wall behind you. All you can picture in your mind is the look on the principal's face when he opens the door to check on how things are going.

But I'm Just the Substitute Teacher!

There is no such thing as "just" the substitute teacher!  Full-time classroom teachers depend on good substitute teachers to maintain the educational environment in their classroom when they cannot be there.  While it may only be your class for a day, make that day count.  There are several steps a substitute teacher can take to ensure a positive experience.

Get Ready for Substitute Teaching this Fall and Pack Your Bag with 8 Essentials

The start of another school year is just around the corner and you plan on substitute teaching. Pack a bag with some tools that you take with you every day and you will be prepared for every situation.  Find a bag, and start filling it with these important items that may just may save the day.

Commandments for Effective Substitute Teaching

So you want to be a substitute teacher? Why on earth would you want to do that? Is that the reaction you got when you first told someone you might want to do some subbing? Really, it’s not that bad…at all. But, being an effective substitute takes some preparation. Here is a rundown of some effective substitute teaching strategies that can make your day more successful.

Classroom Behavioral Management 101 for New Substitutes

As a new substitute teacher, entering a classroom for the first time may be both exciting and anxiety-provoking. Effective teaching involves more than providing quality instruction- establishing expectations and managing student behavior are key to being successful (and being invited back to sub in the building!). The following tips will help substitutes prevent and respond effectively to behavioral issues in the classroom.

Three Important Steps to Making a Splash as a Substitute Teacher

Let's be honest: subbing is not always the easiest job in the world. But being a substitute teacher is not about taking the easy path. It is about putting our best professional feet forward in an effort to ensure that educational excellence continues. Although the following steps might sound as if they might take a bit of extra time or personal effort, remember that they are worth the investment.

A successful substitute teacher is a professional substitute teacher

Putting aside classroom management and emergency lesson planning, the real icing on the cake that is you as a sub is presenting yourself to your peers in a professional and mature manner.  You can be the best at orchestrating a well-run classroom, but if you present yourself in a poor manner to the school's students and staff, you won't likely be asked to return. 

Substitute Teaching in Special Education

For many special education teachers, getting a substitute when they are gone can be a real struggle. People feel uncomfortable dealing with kids they do not understand, and many people form stereotypes about special education children. This misconception has led many people to avoid substitute teaching in special education classrooms. It is important to understand special education is not a part of the school to fear but a place where you can have great substituting experiences. 

Tips from the Pros: How to be a Great Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching is a great opportunity. It allows you to step inside a classroom and teach our future, but on a flexible schedule. While you may hear horror stories about substitute teaching, it really isn’t that bad if you know what you are doing. Check out the tips that follow and learn how to be a great substitute teacher who gets called back day after day!

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