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Rock Your Teaching Interview! Tips for Success

Do you have an upcoming interview or are you preparing for the possibility of receiving that exciting phone call?

Check out these substitute teacher interview tips to set yourself up for a fantastic interview.

1. Conduct Thorough Research. Make sure you know everything about the school and district. You want to convince them that you are dedicated to the district and thoroughly prepared for your interview. Be sure to know the school or district’s mission statement, demographic information, etc. Most often this information is found directly on the district’s website.

2. Know the Interviewers. When you get a call for an interview, it is acceptable to ask the caller who you will be interviewing with. Read up on the interviewers and know about their positions in the district and any of their accomplishments. Write down any questions you might have for them.

3. Practice the Questions. Most teaching interviews involve very similar questions. Review the most common questions and practice verbalizing your detailed responses.

Not sure what types of questions they might ask? Check out Simply Kinder for the most frequently asked questions and how to answer them.

4. Prepare a Demo Lesson. When you are called for an interview, be sure to ask the caller if you will be expected to have a demo lesson. Even if they say no, prepare one anyway. The interviewers may ask you to come up with something on the spot, or you might be asked to come in the next day for a demo.

Check out this video from Classroom Caboodle for tips on preparing a demo lesson.

5. Prepare Promotional Resources. Prepare resources that you can leave with the interviewers so that they can learn more about you after your interview. Oftentimes interviews may be brief, so you need to leave them with information that can provide more insight into both you and your teaching. Consider creating mini-portfolios that include things like your resume, letters of recommendation, your philosophy of education, and a sample lesson (with pictures!).

Finally, remain calm and confident! You’ve put so much work into preparing for your interview that you are ready to rock it! Take a deep breath, remember to smile, and be yourself.

How do you prepare for an interview? Share your interview secrets by commenting!

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