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September Lesson Plan Reminders

As you settle down to work out your lesson plans for September, bear in mind that there are a handful of secular and religious holidays around which to base some of your units.

They are as follows:

September 1 - Labor Day: Dedicated to honoring the achievements of the United States worker, this holiday recognizes achievements made by citizens of our great nation. Although most schools take this day off, a few preparatory or follow-up activities might be in order. For Labor Day lesson plan ideas, see here

September 11 - Patriot Day: On this day, the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks of 2001 as well as the brave men and women who acted as first response to the crisis are remembered. For Patriot Day teaching tools made available from Scholastic, Inc, see here.

September 20 - Selichot: This Jewish holiday (falling on a Saturday this year) is a day of spiritual preparation leading up to the Day of Atonement. On this day, Orthodox Jews will make prayers of forgiveness. For more information on Selichot in order to plan lessons that will promote multicultural understanding, see this article from

September 21 - Day of Peace: Established by the UN in 1981, this day is to promote peace among all nations. For lesson plans to prepare students to appreciate this weekend holiday, please see Teacher Planet.

September 23 - First Day of Fall: As this season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, the time is ripe to teach lessons on agriculture, astronomy, biology, and earth science. See here and here for more ideas.

September 24-26 - Rosh Hashana: This is the celebration of Jewish New Year. For classroom resources regarding this holiday, check out TES Global, where you will find a full supply.

In all, September is a month ripe for learning. Don't miss your chance to weave some of these holiday traditions into your lessons.


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