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SubFinder tips and tricks for substitutes - Preference Lists

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Securing work as a substitute teacher is more than getting job notifications and responding faster than another sub, it's about being a great sub and making sure the schools know about it. Accepting jobs online, not rejecting jobs that are you are called on, and then showing up and doing an excellent job can all contribute to your position on SubFinder's preference lists. 

SubFinder is an absence management and substitute placement system used by school districts to automate the process of managing teacher absences and then finding subs to fill in for absent teacher. SubFinder lets administrators have preference lists which allow them to offer jobs to certain subs before others. This process is no different from when subs were called the old-fashioned way: by someone sitting in an office at 5am making phone calls one-by-one. When a teacher is out and the sub caller needs to find a sub, who is she going to call? Of course, the subs who are most likely to say "yes"! Just because SubFinder is a computer that is calling you doesn't mean your school district doesn't know when you say "yes" or "no".

CRS Advanced Technology (makers of SubFinder) recently wrote about Susan Scherer from Carroll County school district and how she uses SubFinder to maintain substitutes:

She encourages [site administrators] to go through their preference lists (each site manages their own preference list) and run various reports. Site administrators run the Responses and Rejections report often, to see who working for them and who is not. The substitutes that pick up the phone and express interest in jobs are moved to the preference lists. This makes calling periods more efficient and cleans up the system. - A Well Worked System...
As you can see, SubFinder provides a report to your district's administrators that shows them who is picking up jobs and who is not. Using SubAssistant with EasyAccept™ can help you secure more jobs from SubFinder, but when you do receive a phone call from SubFinder, you may want to think twice about rejecting that job. Of course, once you get the assignment, you need to show up and do an outstanding job. You can find more on our blog about to get more jobs and how to be an awesome sub.
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