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Lack of calls from SubFinder? You might be disqualified

As a substitute teacher vying for a scare number of available jobs, you need to be aware of all the factors that affect your good standing as a substitute teacher in your district. The SubAssistant blog as numerous articles about how to be a great sub, but there are some things that don't have to do with your performance in the classroom. One of these things is how you respond to phone calls from the SubFinder system. SubFinder allows districts to disqualify substitute teachers from receiving additional phone calls based on how they respond (or don't respond) the calls over time.

From the CRS Advanced Technology blog:

The next step in cleaning up and maintaining your substitute pool is to look at the substitute disqualification settings within SubFinder.

The substitute disqualification settings prevent SubFinder from making additional calls to a substitute who has reached a threshold for a particular disqualifier. There are disqualification settings for both the first and the second calling periods.

They go on to describe the 7 different disqualifiers. We'll briefly describe them here:

  1. Connect, no response - call was answered by no PIN entered
  2. Rejections - call ansewered, listened to job, rejected (too many is a sign that sub is too picky)
  3. Cancellations -  cancelled a job previously accepted
  4. No answers - call never answered
  5. Busys - busy signal received
  6. Hangup after PIN entered - call answered, entered PIN, but hung up without agreeing/rejecting job
  7. Operator intercept - message from phone company (likely wrong number or busy circuits)

If you're not receiving phone calls from SubFinder and you think you should be, you may want to consider the above disqualifiers and give your district's SubFinder administrator a call to discuss your options. Read more about Substitute Disqualifications at the CRS Advanced Technology blog.


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