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Substitute Lesson Plans for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and as a substitute, you know that having lesson plans for Valentine's Day tucked into your bag will help keep the kids engaged and entertained all day long. Whether you're subbing on Valentine's Day itself or on another day in early February, heart and love-related lesson plans are sure to keep the kids' attention.

Pull out some of your favorite poetry. There's no better time to explore this romantic language than February! Let the kids look through love poems and tailor the lesson plan to the age group. Older students might be able to discuss imagery and theme, while younger ones will prefer giggling over silly poems and talking about what they might mean. You can also have the students illustrate the poems or write their own romantic poetry.

Throw in a few Valentine's Day Mad Libs. Mad Libs are appropriate for all ages and are sure to set the kids to giggling. You can engage the entire class or let them work in pairs, then share the most amusing ones with the class. 

Put together Valentine's "letter boxes." Instead of using shoe boxes or other big materials that will be hard to carry around, try folding big sheets of paper into envelopes, taping or gluing them depending on the materials that are available, and letting the students decorate them at their leisure. 

Play some love songs. Get the students up and moving as they dance to some favorite love songs. Just make sure that you find a printout of all the lyrics and check over them ahead of time to make sure that they're all clean! One great way to be sure that you're getting kid favorites is to choose Disney songs. "A Whole New World," "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," and "Kiss the Girl" are all kid-friendly choices that will allow the students to dance or complete other silly movements, all with a Valentine's theme. 

Keeping Valentine's Day lesson plans in your sub kit is a great way to be prepared for down time during this favorite holiday. Not only will it put a smile on the students' faces, it will ensure that you have an extra activity or two available when you need them most. Remember, the sillier your love-related activity, the more they'll love it!

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