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Substitute Teacher: A Vital Role Player in the Classroom

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So, you have decided to be a substitute teacher. Well, with your decision you are sure to hear those cute little words-"that's not the way our teacher does it!" Walking in a different class just about every other day is usually a challenging task-but you dare not let the students see you sweat.

These children are waiting for you to show fear or appear confused. If you show no fear they will try to break you and if you appear dismayed you better believe their teach will hear about it. It seems like a no win situation. Don't stress out about not being called back to work. Remember your goal for the day. Your job is one that is important and usually will warrant a call back.

Brace yourself for the unexpected in a subs day. You are going to be questioned, tested and pushed to the ultimate limit. Those sweet little faces that greeted you when you walked through the door will soon have you climbing the walls before the final school bell rings. Yes, your day is going to be exhausting but always rewarding.

Substitute teaching is viewed as the perfect job for those wishing to work in the education field. Subbing means you have more flexibility in job assignments. In overly stressful situations you can look forward to never having to see those darling little faces again. Teaching is an important task by all in the profession. Without the presence of subs in the classrooms teachers would be overworked and students performing at a low grade level.

Students depend upon all educators in the classroom to teach, guide and engage them into wanting to learn and become more academically involved. Teachers who are overworked, sick or going through a crisis in their personal life cannot do this. These teachers often need a break and know their class will benefit best by calling in a vital role player-the substitute teacher.

What makes substitute teaching rewarding for you?

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