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Substitute Teacher Interview Tips: How to Land the Job You Want

resumeAre you interested in becoming a substitute teacher? If so, you will likely have an interview and there’s no doubt that you want to make a good impression on the interviewer.

The substitute teacher interview tips below will help you get the position that you’re after.


  • Resume – Your resume should be up to date. It needs to emphasize all experience you have working with children. All experience is important; you should list everything from volunteering to teaching Sunday school.
  • Portfolio – Make or update your portfolio. This should include any lessons, games, or worksheets that you have prepared for working with students. A portfolio shows the administrators that you are ready to work with students.
  • Research – Learn as much as you can about the school district where you are interviewing. Go to their website and read about the school’s curriculum, philosophy, procedures, and any other helpful information that is shared. While reading about the school, note any questions you may have.

Make a Good First Impression

The first impression that you make on the education administrators is important for securing the job. Be on time for your interview. This shows the administrators that you are dependable. You should also dress professionally and arrive well groomed.

Interview Questions

There is a variety of questions that you will be asked in the interview. Be ready for questions about your teaching experience, your educational background, any certificates you may have, and the grade level and subject you prefer. You also likely receive questions about how you plan to handle classroom management. The interviewer may also ask you why you want to be a substitute teacher and what qualities you have that will make you a good one. Those are just some examples of things that will be asked of you, be ready to answer questions that pertain to you, the classroom, and anything that has to do with children and teaching.

When you want a job as a substitute teacher, you can follow the tips shared here for good results. For more advice, contact us and we can help.

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