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Substitute teacher resource - is a valuable online substitute teacher resource that has been gaining significant traction among educators since first launching in 2006. The site is "the world's first and largest open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their original resources."

To a substitute teacher, TeachersPayTeachers will not only help prepare you for upcoming jobs, but also gives you the opportunity to use your education background to supplement your earnings by educational materials. Do you have flash drives filled with old worksheets and lesson plans from past subsitute teaching assignments? If so, TeachersPayTeachers may be right for you. Creating an online store is free and only takes a few minutes.

Below are five common misconceptions for using a site like TeachersPayTeachers:

Everything costs money

Teachers have the ability to set prices on everything they post in their TeachersPayTeachers online store. The site also requires that every teacher have at least one item that is free so that potential buyers can view it as a sample of the quality of the other products. There are currently over 1.6 million registered teachers and more than 182,000 free items available for all content areas and grade levels!

Selling educational material is illegal/unethical

TeachersPayTeachers is a marketplace for teacher-created resources only. Sellers are not permitted to submit corporate-create reproducables, photocopied worksheets, or anything owned by their home district or school. Teachers are encouraged to use documents in the Public Domain, but are also given the option to designate attribution when uploading items.

Teacher-seller earnings are minimal

The website offers two membership packages for sellers; basic and premium. Basic memberships allow users to upload and sell items for free but TeachersPayTeachers charges a $.30 transaction fee and assumes 40% of the profit from the sale. A premium account costs $59.95 annually but waives the transaction fee and allows the teacher to keep 85% of the fee. Depending on the quanitity and quality of the items in the store, either membership package holds the potential for substitute teachers to earn significant supplemental income.

Transferring earnings from TeachersPayTeachers is difficult

This is simply not true. After creating an online store, connect it with a PayPal account. Each month, all earnings - no matter how big or how small - will be automatically transferred into your Paypal account. From there, you are free to spend it via Paypal, request a check, or transfer to your primary checking or savings account.

Selling items on TeachersPayTeachers requires technical expertise

If you have created documents using a computer for any of your previous substitute jobs, then your work is ready to be uploaded to a store. TeachersPayTeachers includes additional tips and tricks in the Seller's Handbook, but the process does not involve any complicated technical steps.

If you are a teacher looking to supplement your income from substitute jobs, then TeachersPayTeachers may be right for you. For more ways to get the most out of substitute teaching, contact us!

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