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Substitute Teacher Training

Some school districts offer a variety of substitute teacher training classes. Some sub trainings are excellent, but other are lacking. In case your district didn't prepare you enough, here are some "out of the box" ideas for you! 

Go Observe a Master Teacher

You can learn a lot by observing a master teacher. These teachers have been teaching for years and "know their craft". Ask a local principal if you can spend a day observing some outstanding teachers. Be sure you take notes about what you observed and what you want to implement as a sub! Be inspired by those who are doing it right! 

Attend Region Trainings

Even though you are technically not a "classroom teacher", you may be able to attend trainings that the local teachers get to go to! Find out what region your school district is a part of. Contact the person who is in charge of staff development/teacher training and ask if you can attend some of their trainings. I'm sure they would admire your willingness to learn and grow as a substitute! 

Use Your Technology Resources 

With modern technology, there is really no excuse to not be utilizing it to its fullest potential. 

  • Are you on Twitter? Every single day, educators around the country participate in "Twitter Chats". Simply search educational chats on Twitter and you will find a schedule along with hashtags to follow so you can learn and be a part of the discussion. 
  • Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, you are missing out on educational "gold". Pinterest allows you to search for virtually anything educational (management ideas, teaching tips, resources). You create boards by topic and save the ideas so you can easily find them for later. 
  • Use Youtube as a resource. Youtube has a channel called TeachingChannel that is extremely helpful for teachers and subs. It has classroom management videos and examples of successful lessons. And do you know about TeacherTube? It is just like Youtube, except that it is solely for teachers! It is a video sharing site for teachers to share resources and ideas with each other! 


    So, if you feel like your district did not fully prepare you to be a successful sub, I encourage you to use some of these creative tips to train yourself! What other ideas do you have for subs who need more training?


photo credit: NWABR via photopin cc

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