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Substitute Teacher Training Requirements: Researching Local and State Agencies Works Best

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Substitute teacher training requirements vary from state to state. For anyone desiring to acquire a substitute teaching position, it is wise to check out the steps listed within the individual state's website as well as those of specific school systems.

For example, the state of North Carolina does not require statewide training or certification procedures. Each of the state's Local Education Agencies, or LEAs, sets its own requirements for substitute teachers and considers elements such as age group, subject matter, and needs in specific areas.

A potential substitute teacher candidate should possess, at the very least, a high school diploma or the equivalent. He should contact the LEA where he would like a position and request an application along with any packaged materials addressing the requirements.

Applications should be submitted, along  with any fees, proofs of vaccinations required, and any supporting documents. It's a good idea to begin the process well ahead of the first day of school.

In Wake County, North Carolina, a substitute teacher must meet the requirements to be considered "Highly Qualified." This standard is required in elementary schools and preferred for middle schools and high schools, although not required.

A list of requirements to achieve the "Highly Qualified" designation includes varying years of course credit from an accredited college or university, copies of official transcripts, a specified number of documented continuing education hours earned after January 8, 2002, and passing scores in WorkKeys assessments. These assessments can be accessed at local community colleges.

Again, requirements vary throughout the state.

To satisfy requirements within other states and areas within each individual state, it is wise to conduct research for each system or agency.

In addition to specific courses such as Effective Teacher Training, state health certificates and other forms may be required. Community colleges throughout the state are also an excellent resource in accessing substitute training programs for nearby school systems.

Although the tasks may appear daunting at first, the procedures are fairly easy to work through. Schools cannot afford to be less than meticulous in the selection of those who work with our nation's young people.

Once you're approved and ready to go into your substitute teaching experience, contact us or visit our website to see how we can help in various elements associated with substute teaching.

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