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Tax-Free School Supplies!

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In stereotypical fashion, its the student who dreads the return to school and the parents rejoicing, right? However, parents often worry about the coming school year as the cost for school supplies begin to add up. Well, there are some states, sixteen to be exact, in the Union which recognize sales tax-free weekends in early August. The practice started in 1997:

"It occurred in New York, and since then a total of 16 states have enacted similar tax-free legislations. Most of the 16 tax-free friendly states offer tax-free weekends in August, in order to provide tax breaks on certain necessities like school supplies, books and clothing." -

Since then, some states have expanded the breaks to include things such as energy-efficient appliances and, in the case of Louisiana, "hurricane preparedness items". There are limits on how much can be tax free. Check out the table from for all the details and to see if you live in one of the lucky 16.
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