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The pros and cons of substitute teaching in a private school

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As a substitute teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach at a variety of different schools in your area. The most common are public, but charter, private, and parochial schools also make up a significant amount of potential employment opportunities. These types of schools offer unique strengths and challenges for a substitute teacher.


Private schools tend to be more exclusive thus making the demographic of students more homogeneous. Generally speaking, there will be fewer disruptive or misbehaving students. As any substitute teacher can attest, these students are often a major obstacle for a successful day in the classroom. Also, private schools tend to have a smaller population and therefore, smaller class sizes. This will allow you to take a more hands-on approach to the day's lesson.

Depending on the school, you may find that students all possess a certain exceptional quality. For example, you may have the option to substitute teach at a private school that emphasizes the fine arts. If this is something that appeals to you personally, then substitute teaching at the school will be of particular value to you. Every substitute knows that a job goes better what it focuses on an area of interest that you enjoy doing.


The advantages of substitute teaching at a private school come with a cost. First, it is well known in the teaching profession that private school teachers earn less than their public school counterparts. The same is true for private school substitutes. Most schools pay substitutes a daily wage. By choosing to sub at a private school and not a public school, you could be losing money. Secondly, many private schools follow different sets of philosophical, educational, and religious belief systems. It is important to know and understand these before applying for a substitute position at a private school. This difference may affect your ability to perform well in the classroom or inadvertently put you in a situation where you feel personally uncomfortable.


Like any job, your goal as a substitute teacher is to find a placement that works well for you. There is nothing wrong with subbing at a private school as long as you feel that you are a good fit for the job. After all, any experience is good experience. For more helpful tips on substitute teaching, visit our website or contact us!

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