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Tips for Subs: Managing the Work/Life Balance

Experienced teachers know that maintaining a proper work/life balance can be a struggle, especially with their nine-months-on, three-months-off schedule.

During the school year, the nonstop grind wears you down, and you may find yourself wishing to borrow a few of those calm summer days that still seem so far away. Then, once you've rested during the first few weeks of summer, you may find yourself at a loss when it comes to filling all of those long, daylight hours.

In short, you might find yourself longing for a stronger work/life balance. Although a teacher's seasonal schedule does make full balance difficult, steps can be taken to minimize the stress of the school year. 

In order to work toward a more healthy work/life balance, experts suggest prioritizing life goals, delegating tasks, learning to say no, and becoming an expert in time management techniques. In this way, you will be able to sort through the most important tasks in life and work, spending most of your time focusing on the important things rather than getting bogged down in the tedious details.

Substitute teachers are not exempt from the struggle. In fact, the situation might be worse for them, since they often have to invest time over and above just to be sure they know where and when their next job will be scheduled. Tedious though the scheduling process might be, it is still a vital link in the employment chain. 

That's what makes SubAssistant such a wonderful service. By taking advantage of its automatic scheduling alert functions, you'll find at least one mundane task lifted from your shoulders, leaving you with more time to take the next step toward a more healthy work/life balance.

Have any more great tips for subs? Feel free to share them in the comments below. 


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