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What The End of the School Year Means For You

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Teaching is a very unique career, particularly in regard to its annual working schedule. Not many other jobs have the summer months off. What does that mean for you as a teacher? After about nine months of frantic activity spent looking for substitute teaching opportunities, preparing lesson plans, and, of course, teaching, there's a sudden three month void to fill at the end of the school year.

Just because traditional schools take the summer off, doesn't necessarily mean that you can't work. Now would be a great time to take advantage of other employment opportunities. As a substitute teacher, you're uniquely suited to positions in summer school, or even as a counselor for a summer camp. You could certainly branch out into other areas of employment as well. By seeking to fill temporary positions, you maintain your earning potential while keeping your schedule open in the fall to resume your regular teaching assignments.

Prepare for the next school year. No matter how experienced you may be, everyone learns something new every year. So, apply what you've learned over the past school year and let that be reflected in your preparation. Review what you've been using so far in the way of activities and emergency lesson plans, get rid of what hasn't really been working and replace it with new ideas.

Professional development in any career is a never-ending task. Look for seminars and conventions, view educational videos, catch up on some journals. Not only will it add to your professional knowledge and resume, but your eagerness to continue learning will pass on to your students.

Just because there won't be any more conversations over lunch in the teacher's lounge doesn't mean you can't benefit from contact with others in your profession. Network, join chat groups, discuss ideas and challenges with other subs and instructors. You'll find your excitement in looking forward to the new school year will grow.

Summer should be a time of growth and exploration, not stagnation. Embrace the spirit of the season and make these months a valuable part of the annual cycle of your chosen career. Contact us for more information on how you can make the most of the coming months and be prepared for next year as well.

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