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With SubAssistant notifying me whenever there's an available job, I've worked every day!

- Danielle Turlock, CA

I tried this site with the free trial and loved it! I didn't realize how many jobs I was missing out on.

- Trisha Wellsboro, PA

I have gotten so many jobs because of {SubAssistant}... Woo Hoo!

- Gina

i just started using your product in San Diego. I absolutely love it so far. Last week I couldn’t find a job and this week I have been booked.

- John San Diego, CA

I have enjoyed getting more jobs with subassistant. I work almost everyday with subassistant. Thanks for the help in finding jobs.

- Mary Turlock, CA

Thank you for such a wonderful service. My only regret is that I didn't discover you earlier. You have provided me with freedom. Before your service I was spending my days off clicking on the jobs available button. Now I can enjoy my days off knowing I will be notified if a job appears. Even doing that I was missing jobs. Thanks so much!!!

- Melynda Burkburnett, TX

This system has been such a help to me.....I already have jobs lined up for all next week!!!

- Pamela

Three words: peace of mind! No more worrying if I will work the next day or constantly checking the computer. Love this site and wished I discovered it sooner. Better late than never :)

- Vanessa Orange County, CA

I was told about this site about 6 weeks and in the last 6 weeks I've subbed more than I did all last school year! Absolutely LOVE this service.

- Melissa Shippensburg, PA

Love the personal customer support!

- Daryl Kansas

With SubAssistant I have been able to get plenty of sub jobs. I have even been able to do most of my work in my own content area and preferred age group. This program gives subs freedom from continually staring at a screen and waiting for a job to pop up. Now I get texts and e-mails informing me of available jobs (and jobs in call out). This is especially helpful if I'm out and about; I just login to the substitute website on my phone to accept a job.

- Sonja

Love the service super fast!

- C.E. PA

I have been using this since the beginning of the school year and I've been very happy with the results

- B.E. OR

You can't believe how much less stress I have in my life now. I can eat with my family, sleep soundly knowing I'll get notifications if there are any and I can enjoy life more.

- C.R. OR

Thank you this service has made my substituting much less stressful...it is so nice knowing what jobs I have in advance verses always waiting for the last minute call. I am new to subbing this year and it has helped me work almost everyday this semester! Thank you!

- L.W. KS

This program has helped me get numerous jobs this year. I didn't know what I was missing until I subscribed.

- K.P. OR

I am extremley happy with my sub assistant experience. At first I was a little unsure if I wanted to get it, but I decided to try it for the 21 day trial, and fell in love.

- M.K. CT

Thanks for helping me get assignments.

- B.K. CA

This is a must for any substitute that uses Subfinder. I have gotten 2-3 times as many jobs per week since I started using this service!

- Jason South Pasadena, CA

I love the SubAssistant. It works seamlessly with SmartFindExpress. I no longer have to waste my evenings in front of a computer hitting refresh. Now I get a text message and log in from my Smartphone to grab the job. The result is three hours of free time to play with my son and better job selection. Thank you!!

- Dan Morgantown,WV

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this service, website & APP! In 6 or 7 days I’ve had the service, I’ve received WELL OVER 100 notifications and it has made it easier to pick up jobs. I haven’t even mentioned how this service has given me my life back. Now, I don’t have to sit by the computer at certain times and troll and pray that I can get something all along competing with the other 1000-2000+ subs who are doing the same thing. [The] competition is getting fierce out there so any edge a girl (or a guy) can get, is helpful. When my trial period is up, you better believe I’m subscribing! Thanks! Y’ALL ROCK! =)

- Cynda Texas

This app more than pays for itself. I have been working every day since I downloaded it to my Droid phone. Before I had the app, every time I went to the Aesop website, there were no jobs available. They would be snatched up so quickly. I still need to get to the site quickly when I get text message notifying me of a job but at least I have a better chance of being the one to snatch up that job quickly!

- Lori United States

Great system, I was actually skeptical at first but I am so glad they offer the trial period. The trial answered all my questions and allows me to check multiple districts at the same time. Also allows you to be a little selective about what jobs you take.

- J.C. United States

Okay, so I really thought, whatever, those testimonials are bots and it's probably a scam. I risked it, because time is money and I was getting anxious, always refreshing, always worrying if I'd get enough jobs. Got this service..and BAM! Paid for itself tenfold in the first few days. Now I can run outside and not come back and have missed a bunch of jobs.

- I. TX

I have been using the trial version of SubAssistant! After going back to subbing after several months, I didn't think I would get much work! SubAssistant alerted me, and my schedule is full! Thank you!

- Renelle OR

I have gotten so many more jobs since I signed up for Sub Assistant!!! It makes finding jobs so much easier and less stressful!

- Natalie OR

This has been a wonderful tool for getting a jump on the jobs as soon as they are posted.

- Corey CA

Just got a job for tomorrow. Subassistant is awesome. Don't know what I would do without you.

- Katy CA

I've had a chance to use your system for over a month now. I am very pleased with the system. In the past it was very difficult for me to track down jobs. Your service has really helped. Thanks.

- Robert NM

I love this app! I had never gotten job notifications from jobulater so I was hesitant about getting this app. But the first day I installed it I had job notifications. I would fill up my work week which was great, instead of waiting by the phone for a call each morning!!!

- Sarah

I know this may seem redundant as this page obviously has hundreds of positive testimonials, but why not? Your app has been MORE than helpful for me. I work in several districts that have become competitive. When a job comes up, you've only got about 10 seconds to snatch it up. With SubAssistant, I win pretty much every time! I've worked every day since I've used it. I'm not sure what I would do without it. What's been nice is working in the same buildings day after day, the teachers have gotten to know me and now I don't even need to fight for jobs as the teachers just ask the secretaries to assign me in Aesop for them! I wouldn't have had the chance to meet all of the teachers like that had I not been in their buildings every single day possible! Thanks SubAssistant!

- Chris New Jersey

This is the greatest service! I have been working every day and I am notified of jobs as soon as they become available which gives me many more opportunities. Very inexpensive and worth every penny and then some. Thank you so much.

- Tara Fort Mill SC

I would like to thank you for offering such a helpful program. I have been very happy with the your service and would recommend it to anyone.

- Shannon MI

This is an awesome tool!!! I have gotten so many sub jobs because of SubAssistant.

- Rosalie Vaz\'Quez United States

I was hesitant to try other programs because they wanted my credit card upfront during the trial period. I have just signed up. I have been a sub for 14 years with two districts. Sub assistant has just made my life easier, no more endless nights searching for a job on two different web sites. I now am instantly notified of available jobs. Before sub assistant I wondered where are all the jobs? I love being notified by email and text messaging. Thanks again for your service!

- Denise Marquez Yorba Linda, CA

Sub Assistant was Great! I wanted to sub for only one district! Thanks to SubAssistant I was able to work everyday last year! It was also nice to have jobs in advance! It took away a lot of last minute stress of getting jobs. Since I wanted to work everyday it helped me make sure I was able to get work daily. Working full time helped me get known in the school district and this year I got a full time teaching job. Thanks Sub Assistant!

- Linda Weerts United States

I am still in the free trial period and already totally sold on your program. You have given me back my life and sanity. No more wondering what jobs I am losing while I work. No more constantly calling and/or clicking every 15 seconds to check on jobs. I can take a walk in the morning, go shopping, work in the garden, and will even be able to take a trip with my grandbaby without thinking I will miss a month's work while we are visiting the attractions of San Diego.

- D Bindernagel

I used subassistant all of last year and LOVED IT!!!

- Karen Michigan

I find the program very helpful for I get jobs days ahead. I do not have to stay up and wait for a sub job come open.

- Moses L Radford Nicholasville Ky

SubAssistant has allowed me to get more jobs! I love the fact that I can be at one of my son's games, shopping, or even subbing and still get a job with out constantly checking SubFinder and refreshing my screen or being woke up in the wee hours of the morning. I have texts sent to my phone, call SubFinder immediately and get the jobs I want!! I absolutely love the peace of mind SubAssistant offers!!

- Angie Bingaman Pendleton, IN

I got a smartphone for the first time Sept 15, 2012. While learning how to use it and looking for subfinder apps, I found this site. Within 6 working days I racked up $500 worth of subwork via SubAssistant. This is the best $7.95 I am now paying a month, that I will ever have the privilege to pay.

- Jeff Vacaville, CA

I really do think subassistant is fantastically stupendous. Saves me time and makes me money. Love that. THanks.

- Joe

This site is so awesome! It helped me from begging for work to working as much as I want and now I have the confidence that the jobs will come, and I don't have to live in fear anymore. I'm happy with the jobs I've been getting. Best 21 day free trial/$8 monthly after that EVER. Thank you whoever made SubAssistant.

- Jeff CA

I didn't really think that the SubAssistant would help me much but I was totally wrong! As soon as I tried it I started to receive at least one text message per day about a job in my county. I was able to go online and snag the job before anybody else could. Because of SubAssistant this part-time job became a full-time job. I work almost everyday every week. I am happy I don't have to sit by my computer all day and constantly having to refresh my browser in hopes I would find a job. Now I don't have to worry about anything SubAssistant does it for me.

- Valerie Florida

My husband and I are both susbstitute teachers, and I used to despise the uncertainty of getting jobs from day to day. We had to click/ be on subfinder at just the right time, and then if we weren't at the computer looking for jobs in the evening, we felt bad like we could miss something. Now, SubAssistant gives us our lives back! We can go for a walk, go out to eat at night, play board games, and just relax... all with the certainty that we won't miss a job! The best part is, we can go to our job in the morning well-rested because we can turn off our phones once we have a job and SLEEP! This is excellent, and we are very thankful for this new-found discovery!

- E. R. Council Bluffs, IA

SubAssistant has helped me get almost all my substitute positions so far!! THANKS!!

- Justine M Fayetteville, AR

Before I found SubAssistant I would be glued to my computer for endless hours. I had even trained my children to help me keep tabs on the AESOP website in hopes of finding my next assignment. I tried the free trial of this program and was so pleased with the results that I have purchased it in hopes of more great assignments to come. Thank you SubAssistant for ungluing me from my computer.

- Lisa Neidler Pendleton, SC

Don't know how I managed without SubAssistant. I am so thankful to be working as much as I am in the areas I prefer. Thank you!

- Christy United States

I love this app. since I installed it, every job I\'ve had has come from this app. It\'s fantastic.

- Melissa

Getting Sub Assistant was the single smartest thing I've done as a substitute teacher. I get much more work now, without having to constantly check SubFinder. I don't know how I ever got along without this service.

- Aaron Madison, WI

It's great now that I don't have to sit at the computer waiting for a job to become available or receiving early morning phone calls. Now I get the text and I can immediately go onto my Sub Finder account and accept the job! Saves me a lot of time!!!

- Anne Werschky

My husband (who works in computer and web programming) complained to me about my infrequent subbing jobs and my needing to check the web constantly saying, "Too bad they don't have something to help you update all these districts on one site." When I found SubAssistant and showed it to him he was impressed, but not as impressed as he was over the next 3 weeks when I had a job every day - and almost always in the specific school or subject I preferred! SubAssistant is worth every penny and then some. Convenient text messages and ease of use make it the perfect solution to a messy complicated subbing system. Thanks SubAssistant - You made make finding jobs amazingly easy!

- Liza Princeton NJ

I really appreciate this service, it has helped me a lot and does help me a lot with jobs. For a while I also tried out another service to see how it works, but I cancelled their 14 day trial because I prefer SubAssistant a lot more... the cost is one factor but another is the fact that when I email you SubAssistant questions you respond, but when I email the other service it takes usually more than a day and you get a pasted message, not a personal response.

- Tom Canada

I just want to thank you for providing this service. I began my Free Trial a few days ago and was stunned at the difference it has made in my job as a sub. Not only does it liberate me from having to check the computer constantly for jobs, but it also has empowered me secure more jobs. The rat race that is finding jobs as a sub has become much calmer thanks to what you have done. After my free trial expires, I definitely intend to subscribe to the fantastic service you are providing.

- Kirk Iowa

Thank you for this service!! I get more jobs than I ever have. I was constantly refreshing the sub-finder site. If I had to step away from my computer for even a second there was a chance a job would come up and get snatched up. It's nice when we are out and my phone notifies me, and then I can go right to the sub-finder site on my phone. It's awesome!!!

- James Iowa

I just began subbing this school year in a small district. There are not a lot of opportunities to sub so I had to work at night as well. Using subassistant I have been able to accept jobs while working with ease. I have built myself a good reputation in this school that I am now a preferred sub. I credit subassistant for part of that by giving me the ability to take jobs. If I sub only once in a month I\'ve already recovered the fee for this application. It\'s well worth the money and I am very thankful to have found this application.

- ESullivan Long Island

When I first became a job, I would constantly miss sub opportunities if I wasn't refreshing the sub site on my computer or mobile all day long. Now, I stay busy pretty much all week! I LOVE SubAssistant. Thanks!

- Mrs. G. TX

Since signing up fo sub assistant I have not sat at home doing nothing for a single day. This site pays for itself within hours of signing up. Thank you!

- Brian Kohn Long Island, NY

SubAssistant is an absolute necessity. My income has increased tremendously because I'm now quick enough to get jobs as they are posted. Furthermore, the text interface is quick and easy to use. I couldn't be happier with it, and I can't imagine working without it.

- Mr. W Chicago

This is the best service for any substitute teacher! It helps me get somany jobs. I love that you can set it up to get a text messsage when a new job is posted. I have gotten so many jobs on days or times that I would have never thought to even check Aesop. Well worth the money.

- Katie NS

SubAssistant has greatly improved my life. Substitute teaching is my day job, and I need to work as much as possible. Before I signed up I was only working 2 or 3 days a week and now I work every day and I can even be picky about where I work! It is great and worth every penny!

- Brittany United States

Great program & great support. Well worth what they charge. I know this program is responsible for getting me 99% of my jobs and I work whenever I want to. When I did have a little problem, a simple request was all that was needed for quick and personal resolution.

- Kentigern Riverside, CA

I sat home for 4 months without being called to sub even once! When I found out about SubAssistant, I was excited. I tried the free trial first and was very happy with the results! I just subscribed and can't wait to be notified to all the jobs it will help me get! Thanks SubAssistant!

- SC

I love SubAssistant! I owe my new fulltime position to SubAssistant. I got a text on Christmas vacation about a sub request starting Jan 2nd. I went to my assignment and the school kept renewing my assignment until I was finally made fulltime. Thank you SubAssistant!

- Diser Felix New York, NY

This is without a doubt the best money I've ever spent. I only sub at 10 schools close to home (out of 377 total schools in the district), and with SubAssistant I can work every day if I want to in my preferred schools. I never miss out on jobs and I don't have to travel more than 3 miles to get to work. I can't say enough good things about SubAssistant. Because of the huge number of subs in the district, my phone rarely rings, but I have the SubAssistant edge and grab my choice of jobs as soon as they are posted. Could not be happier!

- M. Knapp Las Vegas, NV

So grateful to no longer have to sit at a computer and click away waiting for a job to come up. Thanks to you, I can make my house payment!

- Kim United States

Sub Assistant is THE best tool a sub can have!

- Charla

I have taken free trials on similar aps/services because I wanted to compare them off before deciding which one to purchase. last Friday Subassistant send me 14 different jobs from which I could choose. on a typical day its been more like four or five jobs. the point is this system is allowing me to have a choice and and allowing me to see the jobs first. I also love the way the jobs come to mean text and email form and our way that I can simply click you quickly accept a job when I I\'m otherwise occupied. no more typing in user ID\'s and passwords.

- Tracy C United States

I need to sub income as a single mom and this service has helped me pick up many more jobs!

- Susan Ribordy Chicago Western Suburbs

You guys really rock! Of all the alert services, you are the best and made a big difference for me obtaining jobs. Your ease in selecting the jobs was great and I hope it will continue to keep me employed for years to come. Thanks so much!

- Robert Stein United States

This app is great! Let's you accept more jobs and not have to check the aseop sight all the time. you get to have a life and still work!

- Elizabeth Waxahachie

This app is awesome. I am primarily a stay at home mom and only look to sub two or three days a week. Early morning phone calls are difficult for me to accept because there isn't much time to get everyone ready and out the door with such short notice. I did the 21 day trial and have booked my schedule out for 2 months. No more last minute phone calls!

- Rhiannon Iowa

I got over $400 worth of jobs the first day that I would have never seen without subassistant. Even if I get no other jobs this month I have gotten huge bang for my buck. I am paying less per job received than a cup of Starbucks coffee. That is in one day!

- Kevin Smith Greenville Tx

This app is great! Let's you accept more jobs and not have to check the aseop sight all the time. you get to have a life and still work!

- Elizabeth Waxahachie

I love this service! Subbing has become very competitive in my area and since I started using the app, I've had a job every day! I tried similar services and they were at least five seconds behind in notifying me of the available job. In my city, that's too long! Thanks so much for the service!

- Samantha Alabama

I don't know where to begin; SubAssistant has truly changed my life, for the better. During my first assignment, another sub started talking to me, and was kind enough to share this site with me. When I got home, I registered, and within MINUTES, my phone was going off. I received dozens of text messages alerting me to new jobs. During the free trial, I was able to book an entire month of work. My trial ended and I didn't think twice of renewing. Thank you, SubAssistant. Really, thank you.

- Steven Southern California

Great help with getting jobs..can't live without it! I love being able to plan ahead.

- M.L.M.

I've been using SubAssistant for 3 days (I just started subbing this week), and the app has alerted me to 7 of the 8 jobs I now have lined up. I can accept jobs within seconds of them being posted straight from the text SubAssistant sends me. Just this morning, I had 3 texts in a row about 3 jobs for the same teacher, and I was able to accept all of them immediately. This is the BEST way to fill a subbing schedule, and if SubAssistant gets me just one job a month, it's more than worth the cost. Absolutely fantastic and so easy to use. This app is brilliant!

- L.P. PA

I love this app!! No need to sit on the computer and wait, it notifies you fast so you can get work quickly... Highly recommend!!

- jenni

Like any apple, it just works! I get 2 to 3 jobs a week, perfect for me!

- John Strongsville, oh

My initial experience with Subassitant has been 100% positive. I have never worked more since I became a sub. Wish I had discovered it sooner.

- Thomas Cagganello Shelton CT

I love Sub Assistant . I do not have to be checking the computer all the time. I have a job for almost each day of the week . You do have to be fast and have the phone near you to get that job. Its smart thinking.

- Rosie Villarreal Los Fresnos

Subassistant is a no brainer, you need to sighn up, I never get calls from the district software because I am not A licensed teacher yet I am qualified and so withouth SA I would not get work. Thank You SubAssistant.

- Chris Salt Lake City

subassistant is a great asset to me I am working much more now.

- mary campell schools rustburg va.

Wow! I am so thrilled to get notice within seconds of all available sub openings in my district. It allows me to choose the jobs I want when I want them so I can plan my week and even my month to fit my exact needs. This website has already gotten me 5 jobs on the precise days I want them and in the schools I prefer. What more could I ask for! I've happily subscribed!

- Sheila Friedman Kirkland, WA

I am so grateful for this app! My free 21 day subscription filled my schedule. I have now paid for my subscription and I'm still notified a.s.a.p. of new jobs. It works great! I am a new substitute and my district didn't know me very well. I thought I'd get pushed to the side and the subs with more seniority would still be offered what wasn't listed on Aesop. Thanks to SubAssistant they got to know me very well and very quickly, now teachers request me directly ALONG with this app. I have so much work that I cannot accept it all! SubAssistant is a necessity.

- Jodi Raines Indiana

I really like subassistant I find jobs faster than I would if I wated on the oter way I did it. Thanks for you subassistant everyone could use it. subassistant. I work every day thanks subassistant.

- Martha Cresswell Louisville Kentucky

I have been using the Subassistant service for close to a year and I absolutely love it. I book jobs ahead of time and on those days when I am NOT pre-booked I will receive multiple job offers, allowing me to choose. I don't know how I lived before this.

- Tracy Crocker United States

This is a great!!! I can know actually plan a schedule and know where I'm working in advance. No need to worry about the 5:30 am phone calls!! Yeah!

- sherry United States

I started the trial and got jobs that I'd never seen before. In the sub business you have to be first, SubAssistant gives you that edge. It paid for itself in the trial period.

- Tony Virginia Beach, Virginia

This app is definitely worth it! It alerts me for jobs at times I never would have thought to be checking the website. For example, alerts sometimes wake me up at strange hours during the night (like 4am on a Saturday)! That sure beats waking up at 5 every morning and just hoping for a job! Plus, I can rest assured that I'm not missing anything and don't have to constantly be checking the site. I subbed every day last week and had all the jobs scheduled in advance. Don't know what subs do without it!

- Betsy

No more waiting around the phone at 5:30am to accept a job by phone. Now I have jobs days, weeks and even months in advance. Subassistant is a great way to get jobs and stay in the market.

- Bryan Rochester, MI

Came across this tool and decided to give it a try. Wow, I must say, it has definitely been an asset. Before I couldn\'t hardly tag jobs in advance (other than by teacher referrals). You would literally have to log in to see if there were available jobs. Now, I get instant alerts. Even though I was hesitant about paying for a service, I must say it pays off.

- Ms. Clark Dothan, AL

Great tool to have. Very reliable and efficient. No regrets!!!!

- Tristan S. Francis AUSTIN

Love your app, keeps me very busy! :)

- Lili

I am so pleased with the service. you kept me working everyday last year with my calendar filling up weeks in advance.

- Tracy C

Last academic year I needed to work lots, and I was so glad that I signed-up with SubAssistant because I was able to find enough work, when I needed it. I am also a student, and I could not work every day, especially during the days before major exams and Finals, so I was able to take time off from work, but still had enough work to pay bills, rent and etc. I would never come near to as many work days as necessary w/o your service. SubAssistant has been a true blessing. Thank you!!

- anonymous

SubAssistant has made it so easy getting job assignments. I used to have to continually call my districts subfinder phone line, or go on line for job assignments. Now I never have to check. Subassistant has taken all of the work, and worry out getting an assignment. Since I signed up last year, I have been able to work every day that I wanted. SubAssistant it Great!!!

- Sandra St. Louis, Missouri

I no longer have to commute long distances. SubAssistant has made it easier for me to find work closer to home. Like many subs, I would wake up at 5am sometimes at 3am to look for work. Now I am able to rest and I no longer stress about finding work.

- Amelia California

It's so easy to accept assignments! It pops up on my phone and with one touch I've got it! I work almost every day!

- Julie Smith Keller, Texas

Thanks again for the great service! If you all hadn't helped to make me a top substitute I wouldn't be offered my own classroom in the summer!

- Tracy California

May I say once more how grateful I am for your service? SubAssistant allows me now to review multiple jobs for each school day and choose the job I most want. Thank you again.

- Tracy California

After adding SubAssistant, my days worked as a substitute doubled. Could not be happier with the service. Well worth the nominal monthly fee to get more days of work.

- Keith St Louis

I really like the consistency of SubAssistant's 24 hr. search for available jobs and the immediate Alerts. I also like the convenience of the Easy Accept feature when jobs become available.

- IRA WILLIAMS Greensboro, NC

Used the 21 day trial and I loved it!! It's so easy and you get jobs instantly!

- Sharon Breen CT

SubAssistant has been a great help and very convenient. I love being notified when there is a new job available by text messages and easy access to accept. Thank you!!

- Candice P. Beaumont CA

I REALLY like having SubAssistant it makes it so easy to get jobs by having a text sent to your phone.

- Julie Baxter Sussex NB

Thank you so much for offering this service, I was able to get first chance at the jobs I requested. I took all the jobs that were offered to me and proved myself as a good employee, and was offered a job!

- Kelly CA

Time is of the essence when accepting sub jobs online! After my free trial with sub assistant, which I loved, I tried some other sub finder apps, but did not like them. With sub assistant I always got the job, I was notified so quickly. With the others I never got the job, I was notified too late and they were gone.

- Johna Chillicothe

SubAssistant has allowed me to schedule teaching assignments several days and even weeks ahead of time which makes it easier for me to plan ahead.

- Darrell Krause Little Chute,WI

SubAssistant has worked very well for me over the past few years. I get 85 percent of the work I'm offered through this service. I would highly recommend it.

- Antony Bambrough New Jersey

I love this app and so easy to recommend as I've tried other apps (some more than once) and it doesn't get easier than SubAssistant! I'm done trying anything else!

- Cathy MI
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